You must apply in person at your local DMV office. Currently, only four offices accept walk-ins as well as appointments; the rest are by appointment only. Make an appointment online or by calling the DMV at +1 (908) 264-2963

Welcome to the DMV Change of Address (COA) System.

Note: In order to complete the application, you must use the latest version of DMV’s recommended web browsers: Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, or Safari.

You can change your residence or mailing address for your California Driver License, Identification Card, vehicle, or vessel. A new driver license, identification card or registration card is not issued when changing your address. Temporary mailing addresses are not allowed.

U.S. CITIZENS ONLY. The law requires you to update your voter registration when you move to a new permanent residence.

You may authorize DMV to notify the Secretary of State of a voter change of address if you are already registered to vote. If you move to another county or are not registered to vote, you must complete a voter registration application. The voter registration application can be completed online or downloaded by visiting:

You cannot use this online service if you:

  • Do not have a California Driver License or California Identification Card
  • Do not have a Social Security Number
  • Have a Commercial Driver License (CDL) issued by California and your residence address is in another state
  • Have an Army Post Office or Fleet Post Office address
  • Have an address outside of the United States
  • Have applied for but have not received your REAL ID driver license or identification card

If any of the above applies to you, please complete a  form and mail it to the address listed on the form. A change of address does not require an in-person visit to a DMV office. For more information, please refer to the

Note: If you have applied for a REAL ID Compliant driver license or identification card and not received your card, you must visit a DMV field office, complete a Change of Address (DMV 14) form, and present proof of residency to change your address.

Please have the following items before you begin:

  • Last issued Vehicle or Vessel Registration Card

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